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Whats Incoherent In Star Wars?

In episodes 1-4-5 and 6, Yoda is clearly depicted as a puppet.

However, through episodes 2 and 3, Yoda changes into a computer generated figure and becomes a bouncing energetic Jedi fighter. He goes from a transition of a puppet where you cant see his legs in episode 1, to a fully computer generated character that jumps around throughout episodes 2 and 3.

http://www.eurotuner.com/news/eurp_1007_star_wars_tomtom_navigation/index.html http://www.geeks.co.uk/21585-30-years-on-the-empire-strikes-back

The voice of the storm troopers change as well. This created a little disbelief and many people failed to understand this change.

The storm troopers in episode 1-3 have been designed to be the cloned versions of a bounty hunter called Jango Fette. He is the father to Bobba Fette, who is the briefly seen bounty hunter that worked for Jabba the hutt whose mission was, to hunt down Han Solo in episodes 5 and 6.

Bobba Fette

Jango Fettehttp://www.costumesgalore.net/costumes/group/star_wars/authentic_stormtrooper.html

As explained earlier, through episodes 2 and 3, the storm troopers voices were all the same, however, in episodes 4, 5 and 6, the voices have changed. Many people found this change difficult to understand as the storm troopers had not been replaced with different individuals.

One reason for this change could be that the films are separated by a 20 year gap period in the development of the movies.


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